To colleagues and partners:

Dear colleagues, we are always glad to communicate with you in any form. We appreciate the opportunity for making your acquaintance and exchanging professional information, naturally, without prejudice to the Clientsĺ interests. We are open to cooperation with colleagues in other Russian regions and abroad.

The bureau is ready to consider offers of cooperation with partners in adjacent spheres of activity. We are interested in everything which may meet the interests of the Clients.

We will be glad to render professional assistance to our colleagues relating to matters of own specialization. We hope will be able to give recommendations on other questions. There are practically no forbidden professional ground for us. We are still interested in a lot of things.

We will always be glad if your apply to us.

To office seekers:

Assistant lawyer At present, not available
Legal expert At present, not available
Probationer At present, not available
Accountant At present, not available
Secretary At present, not available
Driver At present, not available
Courier At present, not available

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