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From the history of the bureau:

Gorodskoi Sovet

In this case, the law firm has played the role which is perfectly
unusual for it:
           as the author and executor of the project of the Digest publication;
           as the founder of the mass media «Moscow
              Lawyers Lawyers of Russia digest»;
           as the editorial staff of the mass media;
           as the main organization which has financed the preparation
              and publication of the Digest.

The reasons which have predetermined such active participation of the law firm in implementation of this polygraphic project are as follows:
           firstly, the increasing demand of the public and the professional
                     environment for publication of such edition
                     experienced by the specialists of the firm on the basis of their practice;
           secondly, the conviction that without fail lawyers must be
                     at the source of such publication but they are generally very
                     busy people. Somebody have had to do this.

The firm is grateful to the members of the presidiums of Moscow Urban and Regional Bars, especially to A. A. Rogatkin, V. A. Medvedev, A. V. Zhivina, G. M. Reznik, A. V. Kligman and Yu. M. Borovkov, for their adequate assistance and moral support of this not simple undertaking.

We are especially grateful to the lawyers: Mikhail Borisovich Efrosman and Andrey Semenovich Tarasov.

Aleksandr Sidorin

Idea and general direction by . Sidorin
Assistant E. Kucherenko
Chief Editor G. Leonov
Editor . Kuzhnenkova
Proofreader . Kharitonova
Designer . Toporovskaya
Photo by D. Zubkov, B. Paltusov
Marketing by L. Anisimov - . Selimova, S. Kostin
Transport V. Polyakov
Technical Secretary N. Baikova
Information support by N. Bukin, . Zvorskaya
Information furnished by the participants

Registered with the RF Press Committee
Certificate 015195 dated 16.08.96.

Polygraphic process
by ZAO «Passport-International Publishing House»
Europlanning s.r.l. Printing Plant, Verona, Italy


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