About the Bureau:

Sidorin, Maksimov and Partners Law Bureau represents the collective which has been formed long ago. It consists of lawyers with common civil law specialization, practicing support of business, claims, auditors, assistants of legal experts and personnel.

The collective of the bureau has been jointly practicing as essentially permanent staff since 1995. It worked initially in the form of OOO Gorodskoi Sovet – the law firm which rendered legal services on the basis of the license issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and since 1997 – Gorodskoi Sovet Law Bureau Noncommercial Partnership (the license issued by the RF Ministry of Justice as well).

In 2001, the lawyers-partners took the decision to enter the bar that is why we carry on our activity in the form of the law bureau. During the whole period of its existence – since 1995 the law firm (bureau) has not changed its location. The comfortable office in the very center of the city satisfies the requirements of our clients and the lawyers themselves.

All the lawyers working in the bureau are graduates of the leading law higher educational establishments of the country – Moscow State Law Academy and the Faculty of Law of Saint-Petersburg State University. Professional work experience of every lawyer begins in the early 1990s.

The main direction of practice of the lawyers of the bureau is support of business - from the most wide extent of this concept to execution of single assignments.

The significant volume of the projects (including transactions) which have been supported by the law bureau – are real estate projects.

A wide arbitration practice. For example, in 2004, the aggregate volume of representation of the bureau lawyers in arbitration courts exceeded 120 cases per year. Many clients apply to us as experts in the sphere of arbitration proceeding at the stage prior to or already existing arbitration proceeding.

Lawyers of the bureau successfully represented natural person in courts of general jurisdiction of all instances in Moscow and Russian regions with requirement of banks to recover large amount of money (more than 1 billion and 200 million RUB).

One of interesting and precedent area of practice of the bureau is cases involving allegations from Federal Antimonopoly Service against commercial organizations in tenders plot (government and municipal orders).

One of special part of practice is preparation of an investment projects associated with the new technologies and creation of venture funds.

There are cases of settlement of disputes related with execution of government contracts to supply of various products (including complex technological and imported products) in system of Federal Agency for State Reserves («Rosrezerv»).

Lawyers of the bureau conducted research, preparation and support of deals related with transition of control over agents and activities that have special legal regulation (particularly banking).

The Bureau accredited by the JSC «Sberbank» in 2011, the largest banking organization in Russia with state participation in equity.

The significant part of the practice comprises cases connected with corporate relationship from analysis and support of holding structures to representation of participants’ interests in corporate conflicts. In the history of our bureau, there are cases of precedent application of new norms of the Russian corporate legislation when forming our position in lawsuits, which was reflected in judicial reviews and was the subject of a number of publications.

The practice of the bureau contains legal support of foreign companies’ business (in particular, this of the USA, the countries of European Union and the CIS) on the territory of the Russian Federation and support of economic projects of Russian companies abroad with organization of cooperation with national legal resources.

In the practice of the bureau, there are cases connected with protection of intellectual property.

The lawyers of the bureau are engaged in elaboration and support of projects in the spheres of pharmacological and construction businesses, foreign economic activity.

When accepting assignments connected with preparation and implementation of a complicated and integrated project, we have the possibility to organize our work in close cooperation with experts in other spheres – notaries, financiers, auditors, evaluators, professionals in the sphere of security, realtors, lawyers specializing in the field of criminal process, experts in various spheres, etc.

In 1995, with the use of the idea, efforts and the resources, for the most part, of A. Sidorin, the managing partner of the bureau, the project of publishing of the Moscow Lawyers Digest was implemented. It is the first and, according to majority of the professionals, possibly the best corporate informational and reference publication. The prolusion was prepared by the well-known and authoritative lawyer Genry Markovich Reznik, afterwards the President of the of the Law Chamber of Moscow. Close cooperation and friendship tie our bureau and many lawyers participating in the project.

Partners composition of the bureau:

  • Eduard Vyacheslavovich Kolodin, lawyer — ¹ 77/1227 in the register of Moscow lawyers, 1969 year of birth, professional work experience since 1990;

  • Ilya Anatolevich Volodin, lawyer — ¹ 77/2066 in the register of Moscow lawyers, 1967 year of birth, professional work experience since 1991;

  • Vyacheslav Anatolevich Maksimov, lawyer — ¹ 77/2889 in the register of Moscow lawyers,1967 year of birth, professional work experience since 1989;

  • Aleksandr Yurevich Sidorin, lawyer — ¹ 77/2609 in the register of Moscow lawyers, 1968 year of birth, professional work experience since 1991;

  • Repin Ilya Valerievich received status of the lawyer after years of work in the bureau, 1986 year of birth.

  • Irina Vladimirovna Perkova — accountant, certified auditor, 1953 year of birth, professional work experience since 1989.

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