scheme of passage to the office

Legal expertise;
Preparation of documents;
Support of transaction(s);
Participation in pretrial settlement of disputes;
Intermediation in conciliation procedures;
Conduct of cases in arbitration courts and other courts;
Representation in execution proceeding;
Representation in state authorities and other organizations;
Rendering legal assistance relating to cases connected with administrative infractions;
Subscriber service (support of activities of legal entities);
Participation in preparation and implementation of projects of commercial and noncommercial nature;
Efficient rendering legal assistance in the circumstances of raider attack.

Matrimonial state;
Rights to real estate;
Disputes of property and non-property character;
And other categories of civil and administrative cases.

General information:

The law bureau — is the organization the activity of which differs from activity of simple law firm as it is governed, apart from other laws, by a special federal law and the norms of the code of lawyer’s professional ethics and, on the other hand, significantly differs from activities carried on by individually practicing lawyer (legal expert) or these by structures which unite individually practicing lawyers (the bars) on a pro forma basis; it differs in such a manner that the whole law bureau enters into relations with the Client and acts in his interests in contrast to a lawyer acting separately as, for instance, in the bar.

Our principles:

  • Lawyer’s secrecy. (art. 8 FZ «Legal Practice and Advocacy in the Russian Federation») Confidentiality of information. (art.6 of the Code of lawyer’s professional ethics)
  • The Client’s interests have priority.
  • It is the Client who takes the decision, our aim — information and assistance in preparing, taking and implementing decisions.
  • The underlying principle — not to do harm. Taking any assessed risk — is the Client’s prerogative.
  • Personal experience and professional contacts are of importance.
  • The lawyer shall not accept an assignment if its execution hampers fulfillment of another assignment accepted earlier.
  • The Lawyer shall have no right to be adviser, defender and representative of several parties whose interests disagree in one and the same case but he may only contribute to conciliation of the parties.
  • If as a result of concrete circumstances the necessity of rendering legal assistance to persons having different interests occurs and likewise in case of potential possibility of conflict of interests, the lawyers which render legal assistance jointly on the basis of the partnership agreement shall be obliged to obtain consents from all parties of such conflict relationship to continue executing the assignment and to assure equal possibilities for legal protection of these interests.

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